Reviews & Testimonials

Texas Eco Farms has supplied us with an amazing abundance of organic produce this past year!! Jim and Ara have done extensive research in producing clean vegetables in clean soil that our family (with a baby) can consistently count on. We first met them at a local farmers market and loved their produce and watched with joy how they extended their property and crops to offer. Hard working young couple!! We are looking forward to this next season!
Stephanie Brown
Spoke with the owners at the farmer’s market and was blown away with their vision, processes, and produce! They truly are a special rarity in farming that this world needs more of! I’ve been eating their sprouts on everything. SO delicious!!! And the bell peppers and jalapeños have the best flavor that you could never get from conventional farming. I am excited to start supporting them and getting the best produce!
Candace Wilkinson
They are simply the BEST!
Kristal Dionisio
Love, love these guys and their delicious produce. I go every week just for them!!
Gwen Ellis
Fabulous produce, locally grown with lots of heart!
Annette Simmons
Great local organic and eco friendly farm. Produce is always grown on the premises and harvested within 12-24 hours of the time we pick it up. So happy to have found them. Farm tours are awesome!
Jenny T.
I love Texas Eco Farms! Just finished my second season being a member of their CSA program. So cool every week to get fresh vegetables without pestcides and managed organically(and surprised what we will be getting). Looking foward to our next season….can‘t come soom enough
Jesslynn Johnson
Never thought I would be able to tell the difference in true organic vs grocery store purchased veggies. My body feels so nutritiously satisfied eating Farmer Jim’s veggies. My gut health is definitely improved. I’m blessed to live down the street from Jim & Ara. Love you guys
Vicki Russell
I highly recommend this experience. Jim and Ara are so sweet and hardworking. The organic produce is beautiful and field fresh. You can buy groceries now that won’t go up in price by fall! My personal favorite has to be Ara’s organic, fermented turmeric root, which can be purchased on the side.
Rhonda Fuller
By far the absolute produce! Everything I’ve tried is always so fresh and lasts so much longer than the stuff you get in the store. The salad mix is my absolute favorite! But everything from pea shoots to radishes, spinach and micro greens – I’m never disappointed! I highly recommend them and their produce & the fact that they’re the sweetest people ever, adds to wanting to support them.
I’m excited to see what else they come up with in their new space😍
Sarah Johnson
I bought vegetables from this farmer while at The Farmers Market on Tamina, let me tell you, as silly as this sounds….best beets and carrots ever. So flavorful and just delicious. I like to roast carrots and beets from the grocery store and the vegetables I purchased from Jim Holmes were simply the best! Not sure what he does, but his veggies are better than grocery store veggies hands down!
Eileen Harris
Support your local growers! Fresh locally grown organic produce. We love the great variety of vegetables each week during the season.
Alan Gandy
Always friendly! You have to try their microgreens. Sunflower, pea shoots, and spicy mix are amazing and flavorful.
Grant Simmons
Had the pleasure of meeting Texas Eco Farms today at FMOT. The samples were delicious. Can’t wait to try my purchases at home. They were very nice and gave me lots of great ideas. I will definitely be back!
Susan Brown
Had the pleasure of meeting the Texas Eco Farms at the Tamina Farmers Market. All of their produce is fresh and tastes wonderful. The pea shoots and salad mix are our fav. They are also very friendly people!!!
Jennifer Crawford
I hate squash and zucchini, they are flavorless….
But Not These!!!!! They are delicious! Even raw!!!!
Ashley Ramsey