What’s a CSA?

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a symbiotic partnership between farmers and the members of their community.

Our CSA helps you eat healthy with less hassle and headaches. 

  • Are you stuck in a cooking rut?  
  • Do you know the importance of eating a wide variety of fresh vegetables but struggle to know where to start? 
  • Don’t even know what to trust is actually “organic” anymore?

Our CSA is a subscription for a 16-week journey of healthy eating from our farm. Every week of the season, you will receive an expertly crafted share of fresh, organically grown, nutrient-dense veggies from our farm.

We’re passionate about curating veggie shares and guiding our members through the CSA experience so they can become pros at eating a wide variety of seasonal vegetables.

Joining our CSA is the ultimate vote for supporting local, beginning farmers growing food the way we all know it should be: in rich soil without poisonous chemicals.

Members support the farm by purchasing a share of the season’s harvest in advance, which helps cover the upfront costs of the farm’s production for a growing season.

Your commitment to the farm allows your farmers to work all season long with total dedication to provide you with the freshest, best tasting, most nutrient-dense produce possible.

The CSA program is the foundation of our farm and allows us to continue to grow every season. 

Here’s a quick video that gives a nice overview of the CSA model:

Rather than simply purchasing mediocre veggies at a grocery store, you receive so many benefits by joining our CSA! 

  • A delicious weekly share of farm-fresh produce grown exclusively by us.
  • Weekly guidance, recipes, and tips in your email inbox.
  • Exclusive weekly content showing you what’s happening at the farm and how we grow your food.
  • Free digital copy of our A-Z Produce Storage Guide.
  • Access to our Members Only Facebook group.
  • First access to all offerings we have now and in the future (new foods, eggs, events, workshops, volunteering, etc.) 
  • Private farm tours/walkthroughs and the opportunity to connect with your farmers. 
  • Join the movement to rebuild small family farms and strengthen your local food supply chain. 
  • Connect with and learn from other CSA members in our community. 
  • Let’s build a thriving agricultural ecosystem together! 

Our CSA is a community-building experience centered around ecological agriculture and clean, healthy food. We are growing for you!

Your CSA membership helps your farmers: 

  • Know precisely what and how much needs to be grown that season 
  • Not have to worry whether or not we will be able to sell the harvest 
  • Use the upfront payment to purchase necessary supplies for the season 
  • Grow the farm over time with a proven & sustainable business model 
  • Focus on what we do best: growing healthy and delicious food for you! 


Shouldn’t we all know where our food came from and how it was grown?

When you join our CSA, you’ll know exactly where your food comes from and your grocery budget will be supporting a local farm family.


Chemical based agriculture is one of the biggest sources of pollution and ecological destruction on the planet. We can all make a difference by voting with our food dollars.

  • We are an ecological farm using methods that produce the healthiest, most nutrient dense food possible while enhancing local ecology.
  • We do not use any synthetic chemicals or biocides.
  • We meet or even exceed USDA Organic standards.
  • We remineralize and replenish our soil according to detailed soil tests.
  • We’re not mining the soil, we’re building it!


By joining our CSA membership program you are making a commitment to yourself and those you care for to eat the healthiest food around.

You will learn how to use new healthy foods and how to make eating your vegetables fun and easy!

All the food in your box is grown and harvested with the utmost attention paid to all aspects of freshness, quality, nutrient density and sustainability.

What you can expect in your weekly box:

We grow seasonal: arugula, baby ginger, baby turmeric, beets, broccolini, cabbage, carrots, celery, collard greens, cucumbers, eggplant, fennel, onions, herbs, kale, lettuce, microgreens (sunflower shoots, pea shoots, broccoli), okra, peppers, radishes, spinach, summer squash, salad mix, sweet potatoes, swiss chard, tomatoes, turnips, winter squash and maybe more!

We do our best to provide a balanced & seasonal combination of any (not all) of these items, 6-10 items per week. We plan for 2-4 units of different greens/microgreens per week and the rest an assortment of veggies.

What if you don’t like or won’t use something in your box? 
We often have various extra items from the farm available at pickup. Members can trade items from their box for items of equal value on the exchange table. We don’t offer customization for individual shares or deliveries.

Learn more and sign up:

We have limited CSA and flower shares available this season. They’ll go fast and once they’re sold, they’re gone!