That’s the light rack we start seeds with.

When the seedlings are done in there, we move them out here onto a table made from old gates and cinder blocks.

Lots of spring starts ready to go in the ground.

And some cabbages ready to transplant.

Let’s put them in the ground.

Nice straight lines with the gridder.

Tucked in gently and watered well.

Freshly transplanted cauliflower, lettuce and cabbages. Fennel, onions and cilantro covered for germination.

A little patch of crimson clover and oats in the flower garden.

Cilantro, onions, carrots and spinach.

Italian parsley.

We really need to harvest this kale! We also have cilantro and carrots in here.

That bare patch in the carrots is gopher damage.


Radishes, carrots, salad turnips.



Really nice celery.

Now let’s get that gopher that ate a bunch of celery plants.

Gotta set a trap real quick.

*dead gopher warning*

This is how we deal with gophers, no poison.

*mr. fangs eating dead gopher warning*

That’s better.

So here’s some nice fennel…

Looking forward to the harvest!

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