A beautiful crop of spinach is ready to harvest this week!

This might be the nicest spinach we’ve ever grown. Our soil improves every season.

Harvesting some huge celery plants!


Italian flat leaf parsley ready to harvest.

Cilantro coming soon.

Pac choi, romaine, cauliflower, romaine. We’ve lost a bunch of cauliflower plants, I think the soil is too saturated in this spot.


Cauliflower, lettuce, cabbage, onions, cilantro.

Swiss chard.

Radishes, carrots, turnips dusted with diatomaceous earth to try to help prevent yellow margined leaf beetle from getting out of control.

Curly kale ready for harvest again.

The kale forest and kohlrabi.

We have lots of summer crops ready to go in the ground and two nights of freezes on the way. We’ll be waiting to plant them until after the freeze.

I guess that works because we’re still building beds for them!

100 foot bed of broccolini!

And lots more coming soon.

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