Easter egg radishes growing fast!

We’ve started harvesting and distributing spring CSA shares and we still have tons of crops to plant and beds to prep in order to have a place to plant them!

Last week the prop house was full. We had lots of things ready to plant!

So we got to work prepping beds and transplanting as fast as we could.

We refreshed all of our beds with compost and amendments before planting.

In this tunnel we have pac choi, romaine lettuce, cauliflower and another bed of romaine lettuce. You can see some broccolini plants outside the tunnel there.

Another view of that tunnel.

Some cabbages taking off in front of the fennel we harvested for the first spring CSA shares.

Ara harvesting delicious fennel bulbs. Right to left: cabbage, lettuce, cauliflower.

The onions we’ve been harvesting.

A gopher has been eating lots of them.

I finally found the tunnel and set some traps.

Our onions were taking way longer than they should to be ready for transplanting. I’ve learned that we need to trim the tops to encourage root growth.

Onions, carrots, carrots, spinach.

Cultivating carrots with a wire hoe. Since we do not use herbicide, regular mechanical cultivation is a key technique for controlling weeds on organic farms.

We use a wheel hoe for cultivating the paths.

Planted kohlrabi next to the dino kale.

This is just before the kale harvest. Cilantro and parsley to the left.

Washing onions after harvest. Our first CSA week was cold and rainy.

Shares packed for on farm pickup.

And some of our home delivery shares.

We didn’t have to worry about the heat compromising veggies, it was colder than our cooler outside. That was nice!

Ara planted lots of dahlia and gladiolus tubers in the flower garden.

She’s super excited!

The sun came out this week and spring is near.

I hope we are done with the freezing weather so we can stop closing and opening tunnels, that will be a relief.

We’re looking forward to the explosion of life that will happen on the farm soon.

Mr. Fangs says hi (and bye)!


That load of soil behind him is for filling all the raised beds for the Vego Garden (coming soon to a farm near you).

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