planting eggplant

In this post I show how we planted some summer crops and built trellises for them.

Let’s begin with this eggplant that we started from seed on February 1.

We potted them up in March to buy us more time. If we hadn’t done that, these plants would be toast.

Post hole diggers work great for digging the holes. We planted these 2ft apart.

Removing pots by flipping the plant upside down.

I gently place the plant in the hole.

Fill the hole and gently firm the plant into the soil.

Ara soaked the plants in root dip and placed them while I dug holes and planted.

I’ll build a trellis to hold them up before some intense winds blow in and snap them all.

Out of stakes. Cut a bunch of 10 ft sticks of 1/2″ EMT in half.

Closed the ends up with the hammers and anvil on the vise.

Now they won’t fill up with soil and water.

Slamming in t-posts on the ends and stakes between plants.

Got strings up just in time.

A few still broke though.

Built a hydrant so I could more efficiently water these crops back here.

Drip irrigation setup.

Zucchini and cucumbers. The cucumbers need a trellis.

We built it with t-posts, cattle panel and scrap twine.

We carefully weaved them onto the cattle panel.

Stumbled upon a Buttermilk Racer. We have lots of them on the farm.

We also built a quick trellis for this L-shape Vego Garden Raised Bed using EMT stakes, cattle panel section and twine.

Then we planted cucumbers by the trellis, eggplants and tomatoes.

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  1. Very cool stakes for eggplants. Have you tried installing cuke trellis at an angle ? It is thought to make it easier to harvest the crop, but perhaps in the mass production it is too much hassle.

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