As we harvest and beds open up, we immediately renovate the beds and plant them to new crops. We just planted these lettuces for salad mix where the spinach was.

Some head lettuces where the turnips were.

Basil and onions where the radishes were.

I seeded some mustard greens and covered them with landscape fabric for germination.

Onions where the arugula was.

Romaine lettuce where the bok choy was.

And gold and red beets in the old broccolini beds.

The swiss chard is looking good.

Dino kale before its final harvest last week.

Last harvest of curly kale is this week. That’s the harvested cilantro from last week to the left.

Here it is before it was cut.

Flat leaf parsley, harvesting this week.

Salad turnips, all are harvested now.

Kohlrabi is looking good.

Ara is eagerly awaiting her first flower harvest!

Easter egg radishes all bagged up.

Some CSA shares packed for on farm pickup.

Our pool pond is clearing up rapidly and has been attracting lots of life.

We can see the floor now.

And lots of fish!

Some bullfrogs laid eggs on the cattails.

The first taro leaf in the bog filter!

They are just starting to grow and the pool has already cleared up impressively.

Some more cattails and pond plants in the deep end.

We’ll continue to post updates on the pool to our stories and Instagram highlights.

Be sure to check that out if you want to see more of the process!

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