Those are the first bouquets for our first ever flower CSA addon! They have sunflowers, zinnias, yarrow, mint, oats and a few other things.

Mr. Fangs was hanging out in the flower garden with us where we have this lovely catnip plant.

This bed gave us two weeks of carrots for our CSA. Now that they’re harvested, we pulled all the weeds before refreshing the bed and replanting to radishes.

I terminated a young bed of mustard greens that got attacked by leaf beetle larva (far left bed in above pic). Replanted to dill. I’ll start harvesting those carrots today.

These were seeded January 9.

It’s always fun to pull carrots out of the soil.

Except when the gophers have been around. I estimate about a 5% loss to gophers on this bed. I set traps but didn’t catch them.

We still harvested 205 pounds of carrots off of that 50 ft bed!

A good wash and a nicer camera helps the carrots look their best.

Our cauliflower crops grew unevenly this season so we didn’t have a single week where everyone got it. We tried to disperse it evenly among deliveries and pickups as they grew to size.

I seeded arugula in the bed to the right.

Harvested this lettuce last week. It’s gone now, as is the cauliflower to the right.

That bed is now seeded with arugula. Our last lettuce planting is on the left where the cauliflower was. Some of the cabbages for this week to the right. They also have grown unevenly.

I was checking on the cucumbers out back and stumbled upon this guy. I’m pretty sure it’s a rat snake, I read that they can enlarge their head like that when they feel threatened.

Then I discovered that the deer got in this tunnel and had a cucumber feast. 🤬

I put up more strings at the entrance to the tunnel to try to block them from coming back.

Hopefully these plants can recover in time and still produce cucumbers for the season.

I really need to build that deer fence.

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  1. Mr. Antlers is quite a gourmet.
    By the way the last week’s cauliflower was AMAZING. I did not even do it my regular way (browning in a bit of butter and garlic), but simply lightly steamed and served with Maldon Salt Flakes as it was so delicious, so minimum cooking is the best approach.

  2. The produce this year is absolutely breathtaking! We have been cooking rutabaga in coconut milk with cayenne and white wine, greens with bacon and cranberries while grinding carrot top pesto with walnuts slathered on French bread. So much feasting this spring with flowers at my table. Truly a luxury. Thank you Jim and Ara.

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