Did you enjoy the sunflower shoots? We sure did. We’ve been eating them with every meal. We especially love having them with our morning eggs.

They are incredibly nutrient dense and I’m glad we have them going again so Ara can eat lots of them to nourish our baby boy.

You can look forward to having heavy bags of them for the next few weeks. As it’s still hot outside, they are the optimal microgreen for this weather. When it starts to cool off we’ll start growing other types of microgreens, like broccoli, radish, and pea.

We got started farming by growing microgreens and we still love them. They’re one of the most nutrient dense foods you can eat and they grow fast, which helps us fill our CSA shares when the field crops don’t grow according to our plans.

The flower garden is really starting to pop and we delivered flower shares with the first week of this season!

The sunflowers are starting to bloom.

Here are some celosia and gomphrena.

We harvested this lovely bed of scarlet frills mustard this week. Sometimes we call it “wasabi mustard” because it has a similar flavor.

And some dill.

And radishes.

The recently transplanted and mulched crops are looking good.



Here we have radishes, basil, cilantro and carrots growing.

Gold beets, fennel, cucumbers and lettuce.

Planning to harvest our first lettuce of the season next week!

After many futile attempts at growing sunflower shoots last season, I was starting to doubt myself, but it I just got unlucky with some terrible seed.

We got a new batch of seed and the crops have been amazing. Here’s half of our harvest being washed.

Another week of abundant sunflower shoots!

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