We have a nice crop of spinach coming on!

Left to right: salad turnips, spinach, bok choy.


Green onions and purple kohlrabi.

Lettuce on the right.

Parsley and collards.

Chinese cabbage, fennel, kohlrabi.


Baby kohlrabi!

Curly kale.

Lettuce, mini onions, cilantro, carrots.

There’s a gopher ravaging this bed of carrots and I haven’t been able to catch it! 😤

Swiss chard hit hard by caterpillars.

Fennel, lettuce, celery.

We grew the celery in smaller trays to get more transplants in our space but I don’t think it liked it, it’s been growing very slow.

Baby fennel!

Dino kale. All the empty spots are from losses to gophers. I was able to trap 3 of them from this bed.


This kohlrabi is having issues.


Freeze damaged okra, cabbage and green onions, freeze damaged eggplant. We had a pretty early frost this year!

Happy Thanksgiving! 🦃 🥧

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