My first time using the disc bedder attachment for the tractor was a success! It’s a lot easier to establish a straight line vs the rotary plow for the BCS. Raising the beds is important to aid drainage in heavy rain events.

Makes a perfect 30 inch bed with 18 inch paths. Yeehaw!

After using the bedder we cleaned up the edges and paths with a rake.

Then we added tons of compost to each bed and raked it out.

Then tilled it in gently which incorporated the compost and flattened the bed top.

Then I added all of our minerals and amendments by sprinkling them out of a one gallon pail. It’s a time consuming process of walking up and down the beds many times for each amendment.

We add lots of amendments to all of our beds before growing in them including compost, calcium and magnesium in the form of limestone, a rock mineral blend for broad spectrum trace elements, trace minerals according to soil test (boron, zinc, manganese, copper), organic fertilizers for nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium, molasses, microbial inoculants and humates.

After applying these amendments I lightly incorporate them with a shallow tillage tool called a tilther.

We’re planting some broccolini in this bed soon.

We’ll keep building these beds out here throughout the season. Slowly but surely, we’ll get this plot built!

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