A great crop of radish microgreens ready for this week’s CSA shares!

Lots of green onions and lettuces at varying stages of growth.

We’ve been spreading compost and prepping beds for more plantings.

Swiss chard, getting a lot of caterpillar pressure on them.

Fennel, cucumbers and some beds soon to be planted.

Curly kale before the first harvest.

Tuscan kale AKA dino kale.

A fresh cut bed of mustard greens and our 2 celery beds are planted!

Salad turnips looking great. And cilantro!

Salad turnips, basil, cilantro, carrots and a covered bed germinating more carrots.

Not sure what’s going on with our basil this season, it’s been stunted and yellowing.


Dill, kohlrabi, turmeric, ginger, lettuce.

Italian parsley and collards behind them.

Okra and eggplant. A trimmed up pine tree. A fresh bed for broccolini.

The flower garden is lush and full of all kinds of life!

Ara is 25 weeks pregnant!

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